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News from the farm

Healthy food production

Potatoes from Pfyngut

Since 2010, Thomas and Sonja Elmiger are tenants of the Pfyngutes. Their goal is the production of healthy food, care of the landscape and maintaining a healthy and economical farm. This is managed according to the label Ökologischer Leistungsnachweis (ÖLN). The cows are kept in the generous playpen according to the latest RAUS regulations and eren Miclh is processed in the Augstbord-Käserei Trutmann to Valais Raclette AOP and various raw milk cheeses.

In addition to meat, cereal and seed products, useful and firewood are also produced.

On the fields in the Pfyngut different fine potato varieties are cultivated from solid to floury, which are sold directly from the farm.