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Our products

Our objective is to produce healthful food primarily for the regional market, to care for the land and to maintain a robust and cost-efficient agricultural enterprise.

Milk and cheese

Our around 80 cows (mostly from our own stock) are non-silage fed and kept in large runs with plenty of pasture and run-out in line with the new RAUS guidelines (a Swiss Government programme promoting outdoor exercise when keeping animals). Most of the 550,000 kg of milk we produce is used by the Turtmann Cheese Dairy to manufacture different raw-milk cheese varieties.


Our around 60 feed cattle get plenty of exercise. We try to market them in the region whenever possible.


We grow several varieties of potatoes over an area of about 12 hectares. We sell 60% of the harvest directly from our farm. Drop by for a visit!

Crops and seeds

We cultivate about 10 hectares of wheat and around 8 hectares of AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) rye. The wheat is delivered to local mills, and most of the rye is used for seeding throughout Valais.

Our alp

Our nearly 40 breeding cattle spend the summer on our Milliüt alp (mountain grazing meadows). Each year we also bring around 10 cows to the Larschy alp located on the opposite side of the valley. The milk they provide becomes alpine cheese which is sold in Leukerbad and Leuk/Susten.

Fire wood

We maintain our forest sustainably and produce timber, firewood for fireplaces and stoves, as well as wood chips for our own district heating network.

On-farm composting site

We compost green and garden waste for the residents of the Leuk/Susten area. After chopping, we layer it along the fields in compost piles. The soil produced is a welcome addition on our fields.


The majority of the hay from our meadows is used for our own cattle. A small amount is sold to third parties as round or silage bales.