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Located at the centre of a nature park, there are many possibilities to observe nature and discover hiking trails directly outside our front door.

Around the farm

There’s always much to discover on the farm. Please bear in mind that a farm can also have unseen dangers and keep a close eye on your children in particular. We are all working and you are welcome to watch. Please understand that we don’t always have time to stop for a chat or answer questions.

  • Visit the cowshed
  • Visit the feeder cattle
  • Walk along our fields
  • Visit the machine sheds

Interesting destinations nearby

On foot from the Gutshaus to:

  • The lakes of Pfafforetsee and Rosensee
  • A walk to Millijeren lake
  • Down to the wild waters of the Rhône
  • Up to the canal then walk along it as far as Susten
  • Over the Buthanbrücke to Susten and along the Preisenwasserleite back home

A little further away:

  • Hike along the water ditches (bissen) from Sierre to Varen
  • Discover the lovely historic centre of Leuk
  • The subterranean lake at Sion
  • Visit the town swimming pool, the Leukerbad
  • Travel up to the huge dam walls
  • A day trip to Zermatt

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